Most Often Asked Question From New Card Makers

Hello and Welcome

I would say, often the first question a new card maker asks is what size should my card be?  Generally most of us gather supplies and have them scattered in front of us and then the small details become important.  I am certainly one of the crafters who dive headlong into a new project only to screech to a halt when facing the exact use of all the materials in front of me.  Are you in the same boat?

If you would like to get going making cards that you can mail today I like to suggest these sizes as a great basic starting point:

The 5″ by 7″ card is very standard for a greeting card.  This is also known as the A7 card.  The A7 designation is important when creating or buying envelopes as well.  This is a great size for a larger stamp design or creating that special, elaborate greeting for a loved one.

A7 card size

I always like to make cards in the A2 size.  These cards will measure 4.25″ by 5.5″.  They are so nice because one sheet of letter sized cardstock will make 2 cards with no waste.  These make great note card gift sets, RSVP cards, invitations to Birthday parties and many more uses.

lbw A2 card sept. 11-17


The smallest cards that are mailable in the United States measure 3.5″ x 5″.  These are such cute cards and postcards even.  They make very sweet little Valentine’s Day cards.  The example below falls short of the 5″ requirement but show how darling these small cards can be.  I am pretty sure the Post Office didn’t have automated mail when these cuties were produced.

vintage greeting cards 1950's


If you will stick close to the A7 card and the A2 card when starting to create greeting cards it will give you a good base.  You can use these measurements to create top fold cards or side fold cards in portrait or landscape orientation.

One reason it is good to limit your card sizes at first is you can then begin to think more about the decorating.  Once you have the card making bug all kinds of possibilities begin to evolve around paper to use, art supplies to use, embellishments to apply and you will be able to plan your composition effectively by using a familiar canvas.

I believe our cards are works of art.  They allow such creativity and joy in our lives so we should play with paper and ink everyday! That way we can bring the joy to others!

These examples were made using Georgia Pacific Premium Cardstock in 110 lb. and 92 Bright white.  The colored cardstock showing in the above images is from the DCWV Brights cardpack.  I used a black Sharpie today as well.  The T-square ruler is one I have had for a very long time and the cards in the last image were some vintage greetings that my husband and I ran across unexpectedly.  I love them!

I hope these three size suggestions will help you get started card making and that you will have wonderful fun along the way.

Greet you in the nest post….






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